10/12/2018 Vari – Voula – Vouliagmeni Municipality

10/12/2018 Vari – Voula – Vouliagmeni  Municipality

An event took place in 4th primary school of Pigadakia area in Voula.

Main objective of the event was to inform residents about the pilot implementation of BAS project.

The mayor of VVV Mr. G. Kostantellos opened the event explaining the urgency to adopt a different model in waste management out of the concept: “Not In My Back Yard” with emphasis to sorting in source and recycling.

Professor in National University of Athens Mr. D. Chassapis presented the pilot activities of producing high quality compost from organic waste.

The head of Waste Management and Recycling Unit Mr. M. Kavrakos presented the pilot activities: Door to door collection of paper and PMD by municipal services once per week. Residents of Pigadakia will put recyclable materials (paper, PMD) in special bags with bar code. Municipal staff will scan the barcode. An e- platform will permit to connect the recycling performance of each household to special offers (discount in products or services provided by the municipality or privet companies).

Then Mr. Ph. Kirkitsos environmentalist, collaborator of the Municipality  presented a methodology to combine Benefit As you Save system for the recyclable materials with Pay As You Throw system for mixed waste.