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Most business brokers in the UK do very little to sell businesses. They take clients on, put together a bland prospectus / memorandum, post it on or similar portal… and sit back and hope that the business sells. The bulk of the effort in these firms is in the marketing — the attracting of new clients. Business brokers operate similar to real estate brokers. Prospective sales agents need to go through an online real estate training program and become licensed by the Bureau of Real Estate before representing a buyer or seller.

Become a Business Broker

You’ve been able to get the attention of the Big Dogs in the buying universe and both Giggle and Faceplant want this company. In addition to the buyer and seller, the landlord becomes part of this deal because the lease has to be transferred, assigned or terminated. While not required, there is also a professional certification available to business brokers through the IBBA . This is a career that requires comprehensive training, a good head for numbers and the desire to work with people. Here is an inside look on how to how to start a broker business.

Going It Alone—Being a Sole Practitioner or Opening Your Own Office

Part of becoming a business broker, or holding any type of commission-based job, is accepting that you will have to save most of your money just in case you don’t get paid for a while. That is, when you start making good money, don’t immediately go out and spend it all on a new house, car, or other expensive items. The second option is to join a new business brokerage firm, which does not have the same advantages as joining an established office.

Become a Business Broker

Businesses on the West Coast sell for about five percent more than on the East Coast with the Central States selling for about five percent less than the East Coast. Until the recession of 2008, prices increased in all three regions of the country by about five percent. In fact, due to the overall sluggishness of the economy, the selling prices of most businesses actually decreased. Selling prices are usually based on sales and earnings. Unfortunately, asking prices are usually based on what the seller would like to get, rather than what the sales and earnings dictate.

Legal Issues for Aspiring Business Brokers

Also note that in all these years, the reason for sale has not changed! We found this ad in a book titled Every Day Life in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. In some U.S. states (notably Maryland), Dual agency can be practiced in situations where the same brokerage represent both the buyer and the seller. Only the principal broker himself/herself is the dual agent.

Become a Business Broker

In early 1979, I was approached by some New England venture capitalists to start another national business brokerage firm—my one condition was that it be franchised. Company-owned units presented many management problems, so franchising seemed like a solution. Little did I know that franchising presented its own set of problems.

Do I need a License to be a Business Broker??

To be successful, you will likely need a sales aptitude, an ability to be diplomatic in difficult situations, and a stick-to-it determination to work hard and independently on your own schedule without becoming lazy. You should develop a knack for cultivating relationships with potential buyers or sellers and quickly developing a deep understanding of their business and industry. This includes seeking out every possible lead to ensure that you don’t miss any potential buyers. You will also need strong negotiation skills and the ability to keep the buyer or seller on track and confident in the deal.

  • This includes knowing the different types of businesses, their value, and the latest trends in the industry.
  • We are the nation’s foremost restaurant brokers, leading the nation’s only business broker franchise focused on restaurants.
  • Besides, you must be good at negotiation and business valuation and have connections with prospective sellers and buyers.
  • There was a high of 3,712 firms in 1992, with a low of 2,970 firms in 1996.
  • You can align yourself with a real estate firm that is one of the “100 percent commission” offices.

When you do finally get a brokering deal, focus all of your efforts on understanding every aspect of that business. Meet the employees, learn to use their equipment, dig deep into their books, and work to know their market and competitors better than they do. Make your client confident in your ability to successfully represent their business by showing a true concern and understanding for what they do.

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Joining the International Business Brokers Association can provide resources for reputable courses and offer insight into successful broker careers. You should also consider earning a valuation analyst certification from the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts to boost your credentials. The licensing of business brokers varies from country to country. In the UK there is no licensing system in place and no formal requirements for practising as a business broker.

Become a Business Broker

This association provides business brokers education, conferences, professional designations, and networking opportunities. Business brokers must learn the fine art of making connections. Not just in the sense of gaining more clients, but you must connect with the client and take time to build the relationship. You have to remember that for many buyers and sellers, this may be one of the largest financial transactions they ever encounter. Understanding their motivation and getting to know them is the key to a successful transaction.

Step 4: Think about whether is it worth to be a Business Broker

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Best tips for those who want to become a Business Broker

The respective business brokers may include their brokerages on the contract as the agents for each principal. The various business brokerage firms have different approaches to the “division of labor” between the broker and the agent. In our organization, we typically handle the marketing and the “back office details, with the agent” emphasis being on client contact, listing, selling, and closing. As a franchisee, you receive top-notch training and support. That training provides you with the distinction as a certified restaurants broker, a credential respected and known in the industry for expert understanding in the practice of business brokerage for restaurants.