The main objective of BAS project:

The BAS project will create the means and the motivation to the general population to change the way they dispose of household waste and increase the percentage of it that is recycled. The communication plan is the part of the project that presents the means and informs the population of the motives provided. It is important that we do not lose site of the real goal of the project which is to train the population to acquire an attitude of civic responsibility and awareness of the environment and NOT to recycle because we provide direct benefits. We must therefore inform the population about the negative impact that bad garbage disposal policies have on the environment and to public health. The real motivation for them to change their attitude should be this and not the benefits.

Setting Goals:

Settings goals within the project is an important motivator for the public. The goal should be the total percentage of household waste that is recycled per city or per neighborhood. The goal should be communicated as a common goal of the administration and the population, giving the people a sense of participation in the project